Czech Republic

Fashion designer of the year 2018 in Czech Grand Design Awards

When I think about my future as the designer, I would love to create a strong brand, team up with good partners and have fun, creating world full of imagination. For the production of my collections I cooperate with factories and producers that are operateing without polluting the environment. I also produce just the quantiles, that I could definitely sell. In this way I contribute to the sustainability of the fashion industry.

My collection “Merino Recycle” is an experiment with fabric. I developed my own non-woven fabric from

merino wool tops, waste material from big factories. Inspiration for the collection was fabric itself. The process is very engaging, like making a colorful sculpture. It is about color combinations and playing with the proportion of the pattern. The non-woven material I suded to make jackets and coats. Then I took photos of woolen pieces and transferred these photos into the digital priknt on fabric to make tops, dresses, skirts, etc.