2nd place winner of «Look into the Future» 2019

In my work I am motivated by the slogan “design is not for the sake of design, but for solving the problems”. I want to design collections with “meanings”. I sincerely believe a social responsibility is a must for every business. The fast-fashion mode should come to the end and the whole industry should adapt to new realities in the world. I see the future of fashion in the balance. Also, fashion have to regain its artistic value.

Conceptually this collection makes an emphasis

on current ecological trends in the society: smart consumption, upcycling, recycling and many options for the usage of recycled fabrics. I like exploring recycling and upcycling techniques in design, as it offers maneuverability of the work. In this collection I also experimented with composition and combination of fabric textures, attempting to create graphically expressive images.