Slovak Republic

Public Favorite Designer 2018

I hope that my inspiration for creating new collections will never run scarce, and by developing my brand I will achieve financial stability to create high quality garments in the most current design style. Now I’m running my own studio in the city center and already have my loyal customers. It is my professional achievement as for today and I feel proud about it.

The overproduction in fashion and cheap-looking low quality garments are becoming very serious and disturbing problems of the industry today. It should be the mission of every designer to create high quality and uni-

que clothes, showing people different ways how to approach the fashion without over production and over consumption.

The inspiration of A/W 2019 collection is the popular children game of dressing up paper dolls. Simplified fragments of the garments, the leather belts and buttons applied to the coats or dresses, create the final shape of the silhouettes. Any piece of the collection could be accessoried using those elements. So, this collection is like a game with a variety of possible combinations.