Choice of Meringue Fashion Show 2018

I consider myself a very active and impulsive person. I love to experiment and to create interesting and extravagant designs. I want to encourage people to express their individualities, not to fear to be different and creative. We all know that fashion has a circle-cycle nature and some trends return to our lives becoming fashionable again. With every next turn of the fashion spiral people become more daring to experiment with their styles. I hope this will continue and we will stop judging each other based on what we choose to wear.

Inspiration for my collection comes from a human two-side nature. I think people are great and terrible at the same time. People are doing amazing and horrifying deeds. But we cannot distinguish good deeds without knowing what are the bad deeds, and balance is the key to everything. Through my collection I want to inspire people being visually appealing and eccentric. Designing this collection, I have also tried to address the environmental issue of «fast fashion».