BENEXT fashion design contest 2018

I believe that art is one of the most effective tools of changing attitudes of humanity in regards many issues. With my collections I want to influence such positive changes, particular to increase the public acceptance of minorities.

I am a big supporter of the current trend among fashion designers and major fashion houses towards more sustainable way of approaching fashion. I hope that soon all designers will stop using natural leather and fur in their collections.

The concept of the current collection is based on the eclectic mix of colorful, utopian, matrix-like system that exists in my mind.

My inspiration is the underground: progressive, gay-friendly clubs with techno music, where people from the LGBTQI+ community can express themselves, fully and freely; rave fashion, cool kids”, sexual fetishes. Timewise it’s the post-modern aesthetics of the end of the 90s and the early 2000s: sensitive childhood memories with brutal things, stars and icons, movies, witches and witchcraft. The clothes and looks, that pass through the matrix of my mind, are transformed into an asexual wardrobe.