Choice of Meringue Fashion Show 2018

As an emerging designer, I feel a strong responsibility of contributing to a change of fashion industry. To make the world a better place I should start with myself, therefore each collection is the reflection of my values: high artistic quality, sustainability, individuality and care. Speaking to the world through my collections I’m aiming to create high-quality clothes with strong authentic concepts and meaningful stories. I think that everything that exists now is at certain sense already in the past. So, in fashion, as in any other creative industry, the artist has to think few steps ahead in search for new ideas.

As an artist I’m guided by my intuition in developing my collections.

My collection is inspired by the realities of Soviet Union. For the research I interviewed people of that generation and collected stories on how people had to be inventive to stay fashionable in the time of deficit. Patterns in the collection are inspired by the most popular tablecloth of Soviet times — Wax Cloth, which depicts a wide range of objects and things, evoking nostalgia and memories of the courage of youthful days.