Winner of ERKI Fashion Show 2019

My ambition is to build the menswear fashion house in the Baltic region and nurture appreciation of emotional value that clothes can offer to everyday life of each person. I believe that high quality and meaningful design is timeless and clothes can manifest shifts in the society as well as send a clear message across borders.

My recent collection «Prosta Kapusta» is inspired by the cabbage field of my great aunt — Nadezhda. I found an old photo depicting it, and this was a start for

developing my collection. My inspiration lies in the era of 1940s with glamorous parties coming to an end and people going to work on the fields.The textures are inspired by worm-eaten cabbage leaves- the holes and lines and the cross-sections of cabbage. The purpose of this collection is to show, how clothes can still make people through wearing it feel dignity and hope, even through most difficult times.