Winner of Estonian Fashion Festival 2019

I want to be an artist living from selling my own creations. I’m always up for a new challenge. Also, I want to make my mother proud.

I believe that the trend of recycling and upcycling in fashion has to grow even bigger than it is now, when it would overgrow from being just a niche and would become a mainstream offering althoush.

My collection «Am I a joke to you» tells my personal story of “relationships” with the Estonian army –

my experience, my feelings, my attempls to have a space to breathe through this process. It reflects true and at the same time abstract image of how I see life in Estonia: how we push boys down for being too flamboyant, how we create a grey mass of walking flesh, how we celebrate with a show of toxic masculinity and tanks, followed by emotionless boys in army suits and joyless confetti. A question to my country is – am I a joke to you?