Republic of Moldova

2nd Place of Z Generation Young Designers Contest 2019

During the years of my studies I was experimenting with different techniques for creating textures and cuts to find my own visual aesthetic and share it with the whole world. Maybe, my clothes will help people, who choose to wear them, to find and define themselves lives. I think, that in future fashion industry will becom more high-tech in its core. At the same time I hope, that new technologies will serve my intention to become completely eco. We all should think with responsibility about the future of our planet.

Concept of my collection is a personal transformation through travelling.

I wanted to share an idea that traveling is not only a psychologically positive, but also gives an impetus for changing something in our lives. The clothes from collections are like “travel memories”, the silhouettes – excessively large or shortened sizes with décor and accessories – are symbols of knowledge and experience we get from every trip.
The works of the world-known movie director Wes Anderson, as well as his personal style, was my main source of inspiration for this collection.