Choice of Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency 2019

Hungary and Budapest are my home and they are very important for me. As the designer I would like to contribute towards restructuring and renewal of textile workshops and factories in Hungary, to support them regaining their competitive edge in a Global marketplace by implementing fresh and innovative technologies, so they can keep and expand their workforce.

My collection is inspired by the unique and contradicting personality of French dancer, Loie Fuller.

I expressed the dancer’s character and style by using two seemingly conflicting and opposite aesthetic languages, to reflect her contradictory personality.Fuller’s personality was very contradictory as she was

a performer and creator, amalgamation of feminine and masculine, a symbol of female sexuality and a lesbian, an artist and a muse. Loie Fulle, self-made women, had such a strong influence on modern dance that her innovations in choreography are widely applied till today. I used my own instruments of pattern cutting, colors, shapes, textures and design details to show my interpretation of Fuller’s artistic expression. Her most diverse and extreme personality traits are expressed through the contrasting garments in my collection, and the pieces in between show the continuous transformation between the opposite poles.