Choice of Hungarian Fashion and Design Agency 2019

I aspire to work with unusual materials, create something valuable from remains and tailings of fashion industry. I am applying my skills and creativity to establish the sustainable menswear brand, which will amaze people, challenge them to more creative thinking, as well as to make them question the social norms of fashion. I think, that menswear still has untapped potentials and nowadays is gaining more and more attention. Extravagant, gender-fluid menswear items are wider accepted today and slowly becoming a part of everyday wardrobe.

I like, that Fashion is becoming more inclusive and genderless.

The collection, I present, is inspired by the waste that the fashion industry creates: shreds, second-hand clothes are oddments and given a new elegance and refinement. The silhouettes of the outfits are inspired by 17th-century royal garments. By the uncanny combination of precious elements with ones from damaged goods and thrown away materials I purposefully intend to question what is considered today as valuable.