The Winner of “Look into the Future” 2019

Through my collections I want to talk openly about social and moral problems of our world. I believe, that fashion could be a good start to communicate those problems and build the awareness in the society. The world of open communications is our future, and fashion is the part of this future.

My collection “The theory of the Absurd: Fragility, Fight, Kitsch” was inspired by activities of the punk culture creative center. The concept is a study of the human

relationships in society: the struggle for self-awareness in society subsequently resulting in absurdity, rebellion and in co-dependence. Mixing visual codes of hype culture, Baroque, Gothic mood and attributes of punk I tried to achieve the effect of grotesque image. At the same time, I wanted to show fragility and defenselessness of a person under onslaught, conveying this idea by the transparency of fabrics.