Winner of Romanian Fashion Design Talent Competition 2019

I believe in deep connection between art and fashion. Through my collections I’m explore the nature of relationship between painting and design. As a designer I’m trying to encorage people to select clothes with artistic value more instead of ready-to-wear. I think that fashion more and more fosters encourage the freedom of expression. I also believe that new fabrics and technologies, recycling and upcycling along with the reduction of quantity of clothes production will become the priorities of fashion industry.

My last collection the “Walking Pictures” is created to prove that the art of fashion is the next in a row

with art of drawing, painting and sculpture. I derived my inspiration from Picasso’s cubist and surrealist paintings. The garments of collection reinterpret characters and objects from Picasso’s paintings. Wor intarsia, applique and quilting techniques are applied in the collection. For the patterns I used cubism shapes, like round sleeves and collars mixed with sharp lapels. I wanted my collection to become an inducement for contemporary society to wear artistic clothes, making people look like beautiful walking art objects — “Walking Pictures”.