IYDC-2019 Diary: Day 2

Fashion Visual Art Residence continued on the second day.  All participants were working in groups: two young designers, representing different countries, paired with a photographer. Their task was to create an original fashion story presenting two different looks in harmony and synergy.

The second day of IYDC jump started with briefing the Y.Vision team of make-up artists and hairstylists. The creative energy spread like wild fire across the conference floor at Aloft Kiev, the official hotel of International Young Designers Contest.

Valeriy Veduta, the well-known Ukrainian photographer, who is working  with Vogue UA, L’Officiel Ukraine, Harper’s  Bazaar Ukraine;  shoot for brands such as  Gasanova, Theo, Ali Saulidi and Ukrainian Fashion Week, along with four professional fashion stylists: Julia Yermolova (stylist and blogger @yourstylemood), Oleksander Kutovyi (stylist and fashion-coordinator of Harper’s Bazaar Ukraine), Yevgen Primachenko (stylist, worked with such brands as The Coat, COVERNUMBERONE, Nadya Dzyak, and media Harper’s Bazaar Ukraine, L’Officiel Ukraine, AnOther Magazine), Iryna Poleshuk (stylist, worked with such brands as ARTEMKLIMCHUK, Lake Studio, and magazines L’Officiel Ukraine, Pink Ukraine), joined the Residence in the roles of mentors.

The territory of the new residential district development by Intergal-Bud in Gatner, offered a unique and versatile backdrop for the photo shooting session. The creativity of the participants was scintillating.

Back to the headquarters of IYDC, where the groups had no less the challenging task to select 5 photos for their fashion stories. The best pics of Fashion Visual Art Residency, chosen by the Curator, Giovanni Ottonello, Professor, Creative Director of IED – Instituto Europeo di Design, will be presented to the media and public before the final Fashion Cala Show on Monday.

With no time to relax, the Jury Board were already waiting for the contestants to see their collections and to conduct one-to-one interviews. The mixed emotions on the faces of the finalists revealed nervousness and excitement before their interviews. The first comment the Jury indicated (unofficially) was that the choice of the winner would not be an easy one to make.  Again the jury experts were impressed with the diversity and authenticity of the young talents from the Region.

The final decision will be reached only after the Gala Show.

The Restaurant “Lubchick at Vozdvizhenka”, one among the well-known Gastro Family, welcomed the participants of the Residence at the end of their busy day.  This venue provided the participants a chance to enjoy the atmosphere of an Odessa feast and a chance to relax after a busy day, not to mention the excellent Odessa style cuisine.