Kyiv International Young Designers Contest facilitates the exchange of the best practices in young talents de­velopment, cross borders, creates the flow of exchange programs between international partners and stimulates the strong interest of prestigious European media to emerging talents of the Region.

The fashion sector today inalienably requires from young talents to understand how starting from national grounds they can become accepted and appealing in the international context. Participating in KIYDC the young designers will get hands on experience to present their creative ideas in innovative format, to bene t from transnationamobility, to cooperate and to promote their talents internationally. Fashion professionals will be en­gaged across borders for screening, evaluating, mentoring, educa­ting and judging. The winners will get educational grants, international internship and admission to professional catwalk shows.

The organizing committee of KIYDC and co-orga­nizers, the leading fashion organizations in their coun­tries, that truly believe – talented youth has to become the ambassador of friendship and mutual understanding between countries as in contemporary world we build tolerance, respect to diversity of cultures and creative dialogue.

International Young Designers Contest is held annually in two stages: country-based and international. Partnering fashion organizations of Eastern and Central Europe run the National contests. Recognized experts from worldwide Fashion Capitals make up the Jury of Interna­tional Finale. They conduct one on one interviews with every contestant, giving them valuable feedback, advice to assist in further development of their creativity and professionalism. IYDC Gala is held in the form of an open-air catwalk show, where each finalist presents their collection to the Jury, invited fashion experts, scouts and insiders, as well to international media and the public. The winner of the IYDC is awarded $10,000 USD.

International Young Designers Contest facilitates cross border exchange of the best practices in the devel­opment of young talents and generates strong interest from the prestigious world-wide fashion media to emerg­ing talents of the Region.

International Young Designers Contest will enrich the present of European fashion today and give the added value to its creative prospect of tomorrow.


Liana Satenstein

Senior fashion writer at (USA).

Giovanni Ottonello

Professor, Creative Director of IED – Istituto Europeo di Design ― chain of international universities in the area of Fashion, Design, Art, Marketing, Management and Communications (Italy).

Riccardo Terzo

Fashion contributor of Vogue Italia, member of Vogue Talents editorial team. Freelance stylist and fashion editor (Italy).

Yu Masui

LVMH Prize scout, Japanese journalist, contributor of the leading international fashion media, blogger, known by his signature style (Japan).

Adriano Batista

Editor-in-Chief of Fucking Young! Fashion Editor of VEIN Magazine (Spain).

Eduardo Garcia

Founder and Director of Fucking Young! CEO of VEIN Magazine (Spain).

Philippe Pourhashemi

Fashion coach, journalist and stylist. Writes for Metal, Contributor, Behind The Blinds, A Shaded View on Fashion (Belgium).


Schedule of events


Lecture on fashion design and visual arts: THE SHAPE OF COLOR by registration. The lecturer — Giovanni Ottonello, Art Director of Istituto Europeo di Design (conference room at Aloft Kyiv, official hotel of IYDC, 17 Esplanadna Str).


Fashion Visual Art Residence: briefing for participants.


Fashion Visual Art Residence. Curator Giovanni Ottonello – IED Art Director. Participants: finalists of the 2nd IYDC and young photographers (by preliminary selection).


One-to-one interviews of contes­tants with the Jury Board.


Presentation of Fashion Visual Art Residence results. Interview of participants with International and Ukrainian media.


Award ceremony.


Afterparty (by invitations)


Gala catwalk show, presentation of collections (by invitation)